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What to expect from an adult ADHD assessment at the Effra Clinic

See the FAQ section of the Effra Clinic website for more information.

Elements of the assessment
  1. Pre-assessment background questionnaires completed by you and someone who knows you well.

    These need to be completed before your assessment. This provides useful background information and screening for ADHD and other mental health conditions. 

    Getting information from an informant who knew you in childhood and who knows you now is important. (You can ask more than one person to complete background forms)

    If you have had previous medical, educational psychology or mental health assessments and have reports relating to this, it would be useful to provide copies prior to your appointment which will be reviewed as part of your psychiatric assessment


  2. Pre-assessments 

    a. Cognitive screening computer task

    This takes about 30mins at home in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. It needs to be completed before your final appointment. You will be sent a link to log in to complete.

    This is not a diagnostic test but it provides useful objective information about strengths and weaknesses in your ability to concentrate, your reaction time and your impulsivity.

    b. DIVA 5.0 diagnostic interview

    This is either completed with one of our neurodevelopmental specialists or with your psychiatrist who have had training on the completion of this structured diagnostic tool. 

    This is usually done via video call and usually takes 60-90mins. It is either done as part of your psychiatric interview with your psychiatrist or as a separate appointment with one of our neurodevelopmental specialists.

    You may want to have someone who knows you to accompany you to this appointment. 


  3. Psychiatric assessment interview

    This is with your psychiatrist. 

    It usually takes 1-2 hours in one appointment. 

    The outcome of the diagnostic assessment will be discussed at the end of this interview. 

    If further information or more time is needed to conclude the assessment, this would be discussed in this appointment. 

    This interview will focus on your background, consider any other mental health difficulties you may have and your current functioning as well as reviewing the results of your pre-assessments.  This is done via video call or in person in the Wimpole Street clinic.

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