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We offer training and supervision services for fellow professionals in child and adult psychiatry, the training that we offer is outlined below.


We offer training and supervision services for fellow professionals in child psychiatry, Dr Paliokosta has substantial experience in training up other clinicians to conduct autism assessments; she is a certified ADOS trainer and collaborates with Dr Debbie Spain to offer ADOS-2 training in different contexts. The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – 2 (ADOS-2) is a standardised assessment that can be used with children, young people and adults. It is designed to assess traits associated with autism, and involves some activities, including games and puzzles. It usually takes 30 – 60 minutes to complete. People can have low and high scores on the ADOS-2 for different reasons. This is why it is important to use this as part of an autism assessment, rather than forming a view about diagnosis solely on the ADOS-2 scores. 


The training is for health professionals working in services that sometimes or routinely do autism assessments. This includes professionals with a clinical qualification, and unqualified professionals (such as assistant psychologists) who work under supervision. They have also run bespoke courses for Mental Health Trusts, that incorporate ADOS-2 training with other sessions.


Dr Debbie Spain is a dual qualified nurse, cognitive behaviour therapist and systemic practitioner [hyperlink]. Debbie and Eleni have been qualified for 20+ years, used the ADOS-2 for 15+ years across clinical and research settings and have worked in clinical positions at several autism services. Please contact us for more details about upcoming events.


Please contact us for a quote for face to face or teleconferencing supervision.

We are able to offer one to one and group supervision packages for clinicians working with adults and children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Second Opinions

Please contact us to discuss second opinions, Medico-legal reports and diagnostic or complex management review.

We are further committed to the philosophy that well-being begins in the community and strive to improve awareness, training and resources within and beyond the community that we serve.

Service for Professionals 

Service for Professionals 

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