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Your ADHD pre-assessment

What is the DIVA-5?

The DIVA-5 is a semi-structured clinical interview based on the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD. This is the first step of your assessment process and usually takes place over the phone or on zoom. The interview covers core symptoms of attention deficit, as well as hyperactivity/ impulsivity that you may have experienced in the last 6 months and/ or in childhood (between the ages of 5- 12). The aim of the interview is to gain a better insight into how these core symptoms effect you in your day-to-day life and the assessor will ask for some examples of this. You will also talk about whether these symptoms have impaired you in different areas of your life, including education, work, relationships, friendships, your hobbies or free time and self- esteem. The assessor is there to guide you through the questions and offer prompts if needed.



How long is the interview?

The interview usually takes around 1 ½ hours to complete. 


Should I bring someone with me?

Yes, if possible. For some people, it can be especially difficult to recall details from childhood and so having the perspective of a parent, sibling, or someone else who knew you well between the ages of 5- 12 can be very helpful. It is not essential. We can also contact an informant of your choice on a different occasion for a short follow up call (no longer than 30 minutes) to see if they would like to add any additional information relating to the core symptoms of ADHD talked about in the interview. The assessor will discuss this with you at end of the call, if it is necessary.  

What if I forget something or cannot answer all the questions?

Your assessor will guide you through the interview to ensure all aspects of the DIVA-5 are covered in enough detail. If there is missing information or aspects that need further clarification, your assessor will discuss this with you end of the call. 

If you remember something after the interview has ended, please do not worry. Make a note of it and you can either bring it to your next appointment, or send this information over in an email, so that it can be added to your notes. 

Please note that your next appointment, with the consultant psychiatrist, is comprehensive and there will be further opportunities to discuss aspects of your assessment here.

What happens next?

The DIVA interview is your ADHD pre-assessment interview. Next, you will meet one of our consultant psychiatrists to talk about your difficulties in a wider context for your psychiatric assessment. Following that appointment, you will receive some feedback. 

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