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Katie Gunn

Katie Gunn

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Ms Gunn is a highly specialist speech and language therapist who has worked in the NHS since 2005. She is passionate about advocating for people with language and communication difficulties and has worked with diverse client groups including children and young people with complex learning disabilities, language disorder, mental health needs, selective mutism, stammering and of course, neurodevelopmental conditions including autism and ADHD. 

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My Story


Ms Gunn graduated with a Masters in Speech Sciences from UCL in 2007. She is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).


Throughout her career Ms Gunn has supported children and young people aged 2-25 in a range of clinic, school, college and specialist settings Katie has worked in specialist autism assessment services in the NHS and privately since 2014, her current NHS practice is in Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. 


Ms Gunn has worked with Effra since 2022.

Other information

Ms Gunn has a clinical special interest in language and social communication disorders in young people, autism and trauma


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