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The Effra Adult ADHD assessment in London

It is a big decision to take the step to have an assessment regarding possible ADHD in adulthood and we want you to be confident and comfortable with the Effra process and to know what to expect. At any point, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Before your ADHD assessment in the Effra Clinic

Consider why you are seeking this assessment:- what are the changes you would like to make? what are your main concerns? It is a good idea to jot down any key points as it is easy to forget when you get to see the doctor.

Before your assessment in the Effra Clinic, we will ask you to complete some background questionnaires on your current and childhood behaviour. We will also ask you to nominate someone who knows you well as an adult or when you were a child to complete some questionnaires. If you can not think of anyone who should complete these informant questionnaires, this need not delay the assessment and we can discuss in the interview if there are any gaps in our knowledge. It is a good idea to dig out any childhood school reports or medical reports if you have them.

Your Effra Clinic assessment

​We will spend one hour to an hour and a half reviewing how things are currently for you and your background. This will cover your medical history, any psychiatric history and details of your childhood. It can help to bring some one with you who has known you for a long time to help with the interview. In addition to the psychiatric interview, we will conduct a diagnostic assessment for ADHD in adults with you. This will review in detail the various symptoms seen in ADHD and explore whether they are currently present and whether they were present in your childhood. This will cover similar questions to the questions you answered in the background questionnaires with the aim of exploring this in much more detail. Finally you will have a QBtest, this is an objective measure of both hyperactivity and attention and it will allow us to get a baseline measure of your functioning as well as provide further information relevant to a possible diagnosis. The whole assessment takes three to four hours and can be undertaken on one day or over a couple of sessions.

After your Effra clinic assessment

You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report within two weeks of your assessment and this will clarify diagnosis and also what we recommend as next steps. We can share this with your GP and any other specialist involved in your care and we can discuss the findings from your assessment with your GP if needed. It is a good idea to discuss your assessment with your GP and while we can not guarantee that they will be prepared to follow any recommendations made in the assessment, we are happy to liaise with them, as needed.

Not in London but you would like to access our services?

​If you are interested in arranging an online consultation with one of our psychiatrists, please contact us.

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